Monday, June 1, 2009

new ideas...

I was sitting in the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting Sunday, and the lesson was on hope. She referenced the article in the Ensign that talked about Faith, the forgotten sister. (of the three sisters Faith, Hope, and Charity)

And it sprang into my head that I should do a family portrait based on this idea of personifying these characteristics. Isabeau is working on a "Faith Wall" for her Young Women's theme. And I kept having more and more thoughts... we could have a family home evening photo shoot where the girls picked and chose who got to be what, and then I could start the drawings, and we could put them all on the wall under or surrounding a picture of Christ with D&C 6:36: "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not" quoted underneith it.

There are 8 of us in the family... so I would need 8 Christ-like qualities from scripture. No, actually 10. There is a widower in the ward and his son that I would like to include in this if they are willing.

obviously, I already have three... But I also thought that part of the family home evening would be us deciding as a family which ones to be. However, I want to write down the ones that came to me as I was sitting in church thinking about this.

Valiance/Steadfast ? (both of these words come to me pretty insistently, but I haven't decided if they are the same thing or different enough to be different)

I know there are countless others, but my mind has gone blank. At any rate, I have got the idea written down now, and can refer to it as needed.