Friday, December 30, 2011

photo references

I've been working on the references for the paintings I want to do. As canvas is too expensive, I need to go get some plywood. In fact, I really want to do the civil rights painting on wood. The phoenix one will look cool on whatever surface. ... I'm really tempted to paint that one digitally just so I can work on something while I wait for materials to do oil painting. At any rate, here's basic reference files just so I can show that I have been working.

I RESOLVE to paint a picture in January.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ideas in my head

images in my head that I hope I will be able to paint this year. (well, if not paint, then do justice in some medium other than mind-drawing where only I can see it.) I am having issues actually performing the artistry. I have no problem dreaming it up. These ideas bounce around my head constantly. Yet I am afraid to paint them. My New Years Resolution is to try to do one a month so I have one for each holiday. Gotta get over that fear hurdle. Of course, that also requires canvas... 16x20 or 18x24.

A painting for the wall across from my entry door. One for each holiday. I need one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Human Rights Day, Valentines, St. Patties, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, 24th of July?, something for August..., Labor Day, oh, and Veteran's Day. (I have one for Halloween)

I'll start with Christmas:
Christmas: Closeup of Mary's face, not sure if I want a baby Jesus or silhouette of Joseph and a donkey in the background
Human Rights Day: Close-up of Martin Luther King, Jr. - backdrop sillhouettes of ...protesters? buses? or maybe a collage of all of the prominent figures from the 50's and 60's. Malcom X, Rosa Parks, etc?
Valentines: Kitties & Ribbon
St. Patties: an Irish castle with close-up of leprachaun winking
Easter: Mary kissing the hands of Jesus?
Mother's Day: heather's pic of mom & kids in crazy land.
Father's Day: little boy wearing dad's shoes trying to walk while holding onto dad's finger
4th of July:  tattered revolutionary flag interposed over washington & lincoln memorials
24th of July: woman in bonnet looking forward, handcart train behind her
August: no idea. Maybe something summerish and hot, like a child eating a popsicle or icecream cone?
Labor Day: play with incons of labor movment from the early 1900's?
Veterans Day: wwII icons with close-up of a soldier in gear, dirty and gritty, plane flying over?
Thanksgiving: Pilgrim & Indian - she's dirty and haggard and grateful, he's handing her a basket full of maize and a line of rabbit

Also bouncing around waiting to be done:

Spending Time With Emily: A collection of sketches and drawings inspired by Emily Dickenson's poetry.
Charity picture book:
Armor of God picture book: I can see the images of a young woman in various bits of Japanese Armor - very sketchy pencil drawings, I just don't know what the story is. She's definitely an american girl, blond pony-tail. But she's wearing the old armor and using a kitana.
Phoenix Rising - I have all my photo references done for this except for some extra fire pics. woman lying on the ground burned to a crispy char, whilst newborn from the flames she is flying up above her dead self, something new, born again.
Warrior Mountains - I have quite a few photo-refs done for this, just need to start. ink on paper I think. images of pain, sadness, battle, horror, death that confront me everytime I look at the mountains. Spaniards, indians, angry angry gods of battle.
Turtle - deep-sea turtle with images of wendy, lee, sydney, elizabeth, and max worked into the patterns on the shell
fam portraits: same idea as turtle, but different animals for each of Rob's sisters
Values: series of portraits of my kids at various ages. pencil, I think.