Sunday, March 14, 2010

more poster ideas

I Neeeeeeeeeeeeed to get the young women to let me take their pictures somehow. I have quite a few poster ideas for them, and nothing but sketches to show for it. So far they've told me their favorite values and scripture stories, but we've had no opportunities to take pictures.

"Have an attitude of gratitude and watch it go around"
"Stand Firm" - like David with his sling, Esther and the king, and Nephi with his brothers, I can stand firm in my faith.
"It's the small things that count" - service/good works - an everyday thing people do to make someone else feel better.
"Plant it, feed it, share it" - Testimony
Forgiveness, pure love of christ, -  Do as I'm doing, follow follow me?
Scattering Sunshine all along her way
Valiant, Gallant, and Noble

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Not my pictures, these are just roughs used to give the teacher an idea of what I had in mind. I will take photo's of the band members themselves when the teacher knows for sure what he's after.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

speaking of posters...

Mr. S. from the High School has also asked that I create some recruiting posters for Marching Band for the summer. I took my sketchbook along to Isabeau's basketball practice today and came up with quite a few different slogans. I'm still brainstorming images to go with them so Mr. S. has some options to pick from, so here are my notes:

Let the music move you! - stick figures playing various instruments and marching

Got the beat? Want the beat? Move to the beat! - all I can think of for this are lines and colors, maybe an upside down treble clef or something.

Follow the leader? I AM the leader! - close-up of a drummer - specifically one of the snare drums. mostly black and white.  Edgy typeface, like Times New Yorker or !84

Feelin' It / Groovin' It / Movin' It - close-up perspective of a trumpet or trombone so there is big-time lens distortion and the bell looks HUGE, and posterize the colors. Or, mess with the stickfigures some more and see if I can make them funkin'groovin'movin'.

Band Poster

Got an email today from Mr. S. about making flyers for the band concert next week. His words were "classical theme since we are in festival mode", so I made this for him. Don't mind the crappy text. It wouldn't translate from InDesign to Photoshop without trashing the type, so you'll just have to trust me that it really is readable in print.