Wednesday, March 10, 2010

speaking of posters...

Mr. S. from the High School has also asked that I create some recruiting posters for Marching Band for the summer. I took my sketchbook along to Isabeau's basketball practice today and came up with quite a few different slogans. I'm still brainstorming images to go with them so Mr. S. has some options to pick from, so here are my notes:

Let the music move you! - stick figures playing various instruments and marching

Got the beat? Want the beat? Move to the beat! - all I can think of for this are lines and colors, maybe an upside down treble clef or something.

Follow the leader? I AM the leader! - close-up of a drummer - specifically one of the snare drums. mostly black and white.  Edgy typeface, like Times New Yorker or !84

Feelin' It / Groovin' It / Movin' It - close-up perspective of a trumpet or trombone so there is big-time lens distortion and the bell looks HUGE, and posterize the colors. Or, mess with the stickfigures some more and see if I can make them funkin'groovin'movin'.

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