Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poetry of the Mad

Mom are you ok?
No. My brain is broken.
It’s not broken, you just have a headache.

So, did the doctor say anything?
She called in an anti-depressant.
But what is wrong? Is it
There has to be something specific.

What did she say was wrong with you?
She didn’t say.
Could be hormonal
Could be chemical
We’re trying this first to see if it works.
How can she prescribe something if she
doesn’t know for sure?
Are you sure you need meds?

What do you think is wrong?
I don’t know.
My brain is broken.
My feels have a hiccup
My skin doesn’t fit
I burn with rage
I float in apathy
I feel the joys and sorrows of the entire planet
And it consumes me