Friday, April 27, 2012

Dollhouses from boxes!

 Making a dollhouse. Now, just for the record, I do not claim to be the craftiest person. And while a perfectionist in some areas, when it comes to stuff the kids are going to destroy, I just don't bother. So, today we spent a few hours making a toy that hopefully will give them a few hours of play time before it's destroyed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The rest of the Easter Pics

 The crayon method: Take your eggs hot from the boiling water (adults do this, cuz they are HOT) and then let the kids put wax shavings from crayons or use sharpened crayons to decorate the eggs. The wax melts and creates really fun rainbow designs. And if you're 3, you practically create your own egg-shaped crayon because watching the shavings melt is so much fun

On the left are the eggs done with a Volcanic Paint technique - baking Soda painted onto the egg then vinegar food coloring added. All the kids loved this technique, too.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dragon Eggs!!

My kids all have Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus for Easter. Yay. Sooo... we are doing crafty things since we won't be going to visit family.

this is the link to the tutorial we used. Although we used Tempera paints and an acrylic varnish from Golden instead of spray paints. And the kids didn't have the patience to distress the eggs, so we just played :) It was fun!

 Mina mixing her paint
 Jada's hot-glue design
 dad and beau's designs

 Sir Wil's egg :) Not bad for 3 yrs old

 My Ostrich egg.

 the green egg is mine
 it doesn't look the same in person

I will distress the egg another time. I'm still looking for my metalic gold paint to highlight stuff.