Friday, April 27, 2012

Dollhouses from boxes!

 Making a dollhouse. Now, just for the record, I do not claim to be the craftiest person. And while a perfectionist in some areas, when it comes to stuff the kids are going to destroy, I just don't bother. So, today we spent a few hours making a toy that hopefully will give them a few hours of play time before it's destroyed.

 Sir W wanting the two chip boxes to be the garage for his cars. Nope. This was for the little dolls.
 2nd set of boxes - these are Girl Scout cookie boxes duct taped together. I used the Tagalong boxes since they are bigger and wider. Then covered everything with contact paper.
 Princess Q and M cutting and gluing decorations onto the walls
 And yes, that green fluffy fabric on that floor is super super super soft. I have to make them doll blankets out of it now.
Sir W wanted a garage. He's a cheap date, I only had to put a little bit of fabric in there and he was super happy.

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