Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are awesome. They charge my brain when I've fizzled out on my Work In Progress (WiP). I have several sources that I use for writing prompts. There's Writing Excuses (referred to as WE#.# for season and episode), and Chuck Wendig's Friday challenges.

A warning. While my novels and short stories tend to be science fiction, fantasy, or classical retellings that are fun adventures, my flash fiction tends to be very dark. Not all, but most. If you don't like dark or twisted or unhappy endings, (I have specific friends I'm eyeballing right here), this isn't for you.

Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

5/8/13: "A Story in Three Haiku" (Chuck Wendig's Weekly writing prompt from 2/1/13.)
4/24/13: "Breaking the Rules" (Writing Excuses 8.5: Write a story and purposely break three rules of writing.)
4/10/13: "The Circle of Life" (Writing Excuses 2.29: Begin a story with an ending where everyone dies.)
3/27/13:  "Cold Water Lunacy" (Writing Excuses 4.9: Take a 19th Century belief and treat it as absolute fact)
3/13/13: "Oh But To Finish" (Writing Excuses 1.16: A story in which something unusual prevents a writer from finishing their book.)
2/27/13: "Beauty On The Beat" (Chuck Wendig's Random Aspect Generator Prompt. Erotic Fairy Tale in a Mall with a puzzle box.)
1/22/13: "Who Am I?"

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