Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Haiku

My mistake, it's Feb 1, 2013. Ooops.
Writing Prompt Wednesday. This week the prompt is from Chuck Wendig's Feb 3, 2013 blog challenge. There are a lot of great submissions there, I recommend checking it out.

I'm just doing my thing to the beat of my own erratic drummer, so I wrote mine today.

For a list of the writing prompts I share, please see my Writing Prompt page :) 

A story in three Haiku:

Conversations lost.
Phasing in and phasing out:

To have some control:
The one goal of my lifetime.
Yet I phase.

To shift time and life,
My lonely gift of travel.
I am nine.

Background: My daughter cannot follow conversations. A typical conversation with her is something like: 
12yo: "Hey, I think you'd really love this book."
9yo: "Why? Because you're allergic to cotton?"
12yo: "Why do I even talk to you?"

I decided she must shift through dimensions. So these haiku were about trying to see it through her eyes. I think it'd make a fabulous story if I can figure out some great powers and things going on that cause it to happen. 

Edit: Wow, boy did I do this wrong. Not only can I not read dates properly, I got the haiku syllable count wrong, too. It was supposed to be 5/7/5. Well. I'm leaving it as is for now, but doing a might powerful /facepalm.

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