Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am not the world's greatest yard keeper. The owners of the house we rent have tried to do beautiful things with this yard, and I struggle with feeling guilty that I just don't take good enough care of it. I did a horrible job last year, and am trying to do better this year.

My solution is to take Sandra Tayler's advice and be a turtle about it. (Seriously, go read her article. Her panel at LTUE was awesome.) I'm doing a little bit at a time. I spend a specific amount of time raking and pruning and trying to do maintenance in a yard that is so healthy everything grows too fast.

Today I mowed and raked. And thankfully my daughter came and raked with me. It was much like brushing a horse after they begin shedding their winter coat. Felt like we were either building nests of our own or that my grass really needs to be "brushed" more often. Wow.

Part of the lawn got done today. Part of the lawn will get done tomorrow. And I will keep doing parts until it is time to circle around and come back to it. But this way I'm not exhausted, and I feel encouraged because *something* got done. Even if it wasn't everything.

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