Sunday, March 14, 2010

more poster ideas

I Neeeeeeeeeeeeed to get the young women to let me take their pictures somehow. I have quite a few poster ideas for them, and nothing but sketches to show for it. So far they've told me their favorite values and scripture stories, but we've had no opportunities to take pictures.

"Have an attitude of gratitude and watch it go around"
"Stand Firm" - like David with his sling, Esther and the king, and Nephi with his brothers, I can stand firm in my faith.
"It's the small things that count" - service/good works - an everyday thing people do to make someone else feel better.
"Plant it, feed it, share it" - Testimony
Forgiveness, pure love of christ, -  Do as I'm doing, follow follow me?
Scattering Sunshine all along her way
Valiant, Gallant, and Noble

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