Friday, February 10, 2012

Finishing the Quote series

Rob picked the quote and pic for me. The picture I found for Rob was... well, the best one I could find. I need to take more pictures. I'm not sure I consider any of this awesome design, but I have to admit that it felt refreshing to do it. I love to play with type. And if nothing else, it's experience working with kearning, leading, and matching various typefaces together. I do not like Verdana at all. So it's what I used for boring. It was a toss-up between Times New Roman and Verdana. I remember the people at school really really really considered Papyrus "Of the Devil" but it seemed so appropriate for age-old wisdom for Rob's quote. On another typeface note, I would have used "Fairies Wear Boots" for the "madness is genius" bit of the quote, but it really wasn't readable. /sadface.

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