Monday, March 18, 2013

Drawing practice

I was testing out charcoal on various brown paper surfaces today to make sure I could accomplish what was in my head for my current client.

I think I found the paper I like. It reacts different than I expected, but it has a great tooth and blends well.


  1. That looks amazing! I think you'll have one happy client. :)

    Oh, and I see you're almost done with your novel.

    Phew, and you're a mum too, huh? Guess I'll have to get my butt in gear and be more consistent with my own output.

    Heck, maybe I'll quit smoking too! And maybe I'll wear my pants as a hat. Which has been known to happen. Twice. Yes, I am a sad, sad person.

    Jokes aside, I love the charcoal painting!

    1. Thanks!! And thanks for the jokes :) I totally needed the laughs today! :)