Friday, May 25, 2012


Today I am heading off for CONduit 22: Time Lords! I have never been to a Con before, I am excited. My oldest daughter is going as a "Weeping Angel" from Dr. Who and is looking forward to the masquerades and belly dancing shows. My friend's daughter is dressing up as Tony Stark.

I, apparently, missed the memo about costumes. But that is ok. I'm old. I'll be 39 here in a month, so I figure that my giddy puppy-dog tail will wag fast enough when I meet Tracy and Laura Hickman, as well as when I try to find time to bend the ear of any agents and editors who may be attending to find out what they're working on, and what new books are coming out. I have a plan, see! I am going to make contacts, so that when my novel is finished, I have someone to send it to! And I am excited, because this novel is really coming along nicely.

I am prepared for rejections, don't you worry. I know they happen. That's why this is my first practice run. I figure practice makes perfect. And besides, one can always use more friends, right? So I am off to make some fun new friends, have some fun new experiences, and then come home and help my little ones make some super-fun costumes that they can wear to a CON sometime!!

Because I'm supposed to be packing and dressing and doing hair and getting the little ones ready for a sitter (which I'd completely forgotten about until late last night, go me!) I didn't have time to draw something fun for today's blog. Therefore, I leave you with something silly that incorporates the great four  great fantasy/sci-fi movies/series ever made. LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter. No, I did not create this. I found it on 9gag, and I LOVE it!

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