Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memorium

I would say Happy Memorial Day, but that somehow seems trite. Instead, may we remember those who have served, sacrificed, and given all for their country. Without them, we would not be sitting here in front of our computers chatting, posting, blogging, sharing, liking, and tweeting. I myself have several family members who have served. I was unable to locate pictures of all of them, but it is with heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I express my love for all of those who bravely go abroad and follow orders, even if it is to the death.
Uncle Rudy Owings, My Father Brett Owings, and my grandfather Albert Christman

I would like to say something about this picture. It may not be as moving as most of the other quotes or pictures done for this day. But when my grandfather looks through his photo album and sees the pictures of his platoon and shipmates, he is overcome by emotion. Of the men in the background, only four made it home from their tour in the Pacific during World War II. All three of the marines I have posted came home alive, two from Vietnam, one from WWII. All have injuries, both emotional and physical. My grandfather still walks with shrapnel embedded in his hip bone.

We take a lot for granted, those of us who enjoy the comforts at home. Whether we are patriotic or pissed at our government, supporters of the war overseas or organizing rallies against it, may we take the time to appreciate the men and women who serve so that we can continue to have those rights and freedoms of speech, thought, and action.

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