Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing, NaNoWriMo, Etc

I have been working like mad to finish my novel. It's not done yet. But I'm over halfway done. Starting Thursday, I will be participating in NaNoWriMo - my plan is to work on my current novel in the mornings and work on the prequel in the afternoons. I will only be tracking my word count for the prequel, but I'm pretty sure this will be do-able. It's my first year ever trying, so we'll see what happens.

I am feeling somewhat accomplished for getting all of my new chapters finished tonight. (This morning, really.) For some reason I feel like sharing my chapter titles. Some will make no sense at all, but I like them currently. They are subject to change without notice, of course. And chapters 16-22 aren't written yet, so those titles are definitely fluid, as well as whether or not they'll need to be broken up into smaller chunks after I get them written. And we won't even talk about revising yet... Anyway, here's what my mushy brain came up with.

Prologue: Onion Layers
Chapter 1: Old Boyfriends Are Never Good News  
Chapter 2: It’s Always A Bumpy Ride When Someone Else Is Driving
Chapter 3: Not the Flight of A Bumblebee
Chapter 4: Bonds with Friends
Chapter 5: Matching Your Makeup To Your Accessories: Bruises
Chapter 6: Of Mice And Stone 
Chapter 7: Tanning On the Tarmac: Keep It To Thirty Seconds Or Be Charcoal
Chapter 8: A War of Wills
Chapter 9: Mirror, Mirror       
Chapter 10: When In Doubt, Check the Linen Closet
Chapter 11: Fifteen Minutes of Fame Could Land You Fifteen Thousand Fanboys    
Chapter 12: Found
Chapter 13: Rock Collecting: Everyone’s New Favorite Hobby    
Chapter 14: False Gods         
Chapter 15: Stolen    
Chapter 16: Seeds of A Maggot
Chapter 17: High Gravity = Low Energy    
Chapter 18: Cleaning Up Sewage   
Chapter 19: You Can Shoot My Ship, I Can Break Your Heart
Chapter 20: Oh Look, She’s Beautiful, Too
Chapter 21: Strong Enough
Chapter 22: Or Not

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