Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNo Update!

I have spent the last 13 days writing, writing, writing!

In the mornings I work on the prequel to the novel I started back in April. In the evenings, I work on the novel I started back in April. That makes total sense, right? Two books, one month. Wheee!

I'm so excited! I really am! And it's crazy silly, but let me tell you why. The novel I'm writing in the morning is the typical first novel that most authors tell horror stories about. I had this fantastic idea for a story when I was younger. This prequel is the brilliant idea my 14 yr old brain held onto for all these years, and am now bringing to fruition.

And yes, it really is that bad. oh my goodness. (Trust me, the *REAL* story that happens after is soooo much better.) I am never letting anyone read this prequel. Ever. Now, my daughter is always saying, "Repeat after me, mom: It's a first draft. It has permission to suck."  And I repeat it, but... yeah. However, I'm going to finish it for NaNo, darnit! For two reasons.

1 - To have a finished story bible for the REAL story. 
2 - Because I really, really, really want the 50% off on Scriveners for NaNo winners.

And, for the record, I am actually keeping up with my NaNo goals (yay!) AND finishing my WiP (Work In Progress). And I'm just giddy with the way things are coming together!! I'm having time to write and time for my increasing Footzoning clientelle, and... well... um, sort of clean my house. ha ha. Anyway.

I'm finding this great thing happening. As I write total crap in the morning on the prequel, I'm writing some real gems in the evening on my 'real' story. -- my art professors always used to say that you had to get the bad paintings out before you could get to the good ones. I am finding that true with writing as well.

I wrote a paragraph that's an itty bitty flashback, and I am in love with it. Yes, I know it's rough, and yes, I know it's dark. And yes, it's a darling I may be asked to kill later on in the revision process. But I wanted to share it because I'm really having hope that I can do this and be successful! And THAT is an exciting feeling, to have that faith.

Follow your dreams, people! You may have to wade through some muck to get there, but it's an exciting journey!

So here, completely out of context, is the paragraph that I love so much:

Into my nightmare came a memory of the pit holding pens where I sat contemplating my hands, dirty and bloodstained. I would be called to battle soon, not knowing which of those I shared the pen with that I would have to kill today. The smell of fear was stronger than the stink of sweat and unwashed bodies. I looked around at the shadowed faces, looked in their eyes. Knew I had taught the smaller ones as much as I could. Some whimpered and cried, wetting themselves. Perhaps one would kill me today. Perhaps not. Blood would spill, it was inevitable. I felt only calm. I had become what the Nebarans had created. They would pay.

-- Catch the Sun, Chris van Soolen

And for the record:

Behind the Stars, Current word count: 21,750 (haven't done my A.M. writing today.) - NaNo Novel

Catch the Sun: current word count: 48,642 (It was 52k, but I did some sweeping edits) - Real Novel

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