Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Game of Domestic Goddess

Originally posted as a note on Facebook, August 4, 2011, I panicked today when I couldn't find it here on my blog. Ah the joys of getting old, but it was one of my favorite posts.

I decided to re-post it here to share my geekness with the rest of everyone. You're welcome.

Today I leveled up in the game of Domestic Goddess:

I achieved the Feat of Strength "Berries Aren't Just for Bears" while handpicking ripe currants and blackberries from my back yard. My little ones were in tow, learning how to ignore the bees and bugs to get to the juicy ripe red berries.

Then they helped earn the achievement "The Syrup Is Not A Myth" by helping boil and squish the berries into juice while dad read the recipe to us from his computer screen. Red sticky hands all around made for lots of laughs and smiles.

They syrup adventure was followed by them going for a walk with dad where they picked up the flight path to the local KMart. While they were gone, I finished leveling up my cooking skill with the new recipe.

I quested in the Living Room, managing to unpack enough boxes to actually uncover one of the chairs and open up another two feet of walking space. I'll be so happy when that zone is cleared of quests, although I'm sure there will be dailies.

I have not yet braved the Porcelain Throne Dungeon. I'm afraid it's irrevocably set on heroic difficulty, as evidenced by the fact that no one has ventured in to clean since my surgery. I might need a really good healer and an off-tank, but there don't appear to be many people of the correct level to pug with. I may have to try to solo it. Ugh. I may upgrade it to a 3-boss Raid encounter...

In the meantime I'm still working on the following achievements:

The Dishes Are Never Really Done:  Get all dishes washed and put away so the counters are clean for at least half an hour.

I Just Washed That: get all children's laundry washed, folded AND put away, leaving nothing in the dryer or the bins or the floors  for at least an hour.

You Can Never Have Enough Toys: Find and sort all of the toys so those not belonging to us can be returned to Karen & Richard, and then throw out the broken ones. Also sort them so half can be donated to open up some space.

You're Only As Fit as You Feel:  do a daily exercise routine for at least 5 days that doesn't overwork the hernia but helps keep the body in shape. (this is one of those stacking achievements. After hitting 5 days, it goes to 10, then 25, etc.)

Wanna See My Degree?: Start and complete an art project by the end of the month of August. Pick a Subject, and DO IT.  Granted, this is predicated on actually FINDING my art supplies and that'll happen when I start questing in the Storage Room, I'm sure. Maybe they will be a quest reward or in a surprise bag of loot.

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  1. And just for the sake of posterity, here are the FB comments:

    **lol, Rob read this over my shoulder. His response: "You're such a nerd! But you should add that I'm straight DPS on the bathroom. I hit it every day." hahahahaha

    **Lindsey-- This is the very best thing I have read in a while! All the more reason to love you, Chris!

    **Christine -- lol!! oh my gosh you make me so happy!!

    **Joshua -- Ditto what Lins said. You ROCK!

    **Dane --r Maybe Rob should get an achievement for his epic dps in the bathroom, I think he put in some MAJOR effort.

    **Erick -- lol awesome.

    **Peggy --Chris you are SO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Btw, I think at least some art supplies are straight through the storage door, towards the back wall and to the left .... unless someone moved them elsewhere.)