Monday, April 22, 2013

A Query Critique!

Yes, yes, I know. I put the cart before the horse a little bit. Just a teensy tiny little bit. But, but, but it's not often that you can get a query critique from an expert for free! So forgive me please? I sent in a query to J R Johansson for her Forging Friday's query critiques. And lo, here is mine, all marked up in beautiful red for me to learn from and do better with. For those of you wondering what my story is about, well, clicky clicky on the link there and go find out! Obviously the query needs work, and thankfully I now have expert advice with which to cut, carve, and repair. 

However, I think I will let refining this particular part of the writing craft wait until after I've actually *finished* the manuscript, let beta-readers review it, and then revised it a few times and polished it up good. That way, when I'm ready to actually concentrate on the query, I have some fantastic feedback to use. I'm ever so grateful!!

--- You know, I honestly thought I'd have this book finished by the end of January. Then I was sure I'd have it done in Feb. And then cookie season hit, and I didn't write a single word. Here I am, maybe four or five chapters from the end, writing a little bit each day and editing a little bit each day. Not finished yet, but not giving up.

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