Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Format

I'm debating whether or not to have a page on this blog for writing prompts.

For now, my solution is to post the flash fiction I've done that I don't mind sharing with the world as their own posts on the main blog. They're interspersed between March and April. The Writing Prompt tab has links to them. I'm going to try this out, I guess, and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, I guess I can always reformat again. I don't even know if there's an audience for this or not, so... I guess you never know until you try, right? So there's a little tab up there in the black bar that says "writing prompts". It's new. Hopefully the links work... I'm testing it to make sure.

On that line of thinking, I could have pages for artwork, caricatures, etc, too. I'm not sure that's appropriate or not. Hmm. I will play around and think on it. If anyone reads this and has an opinion, by all means share.  :)

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