Saturday, March 7, 2015

Laughter, oh how I love thee

This evening, my husband was watching Comedy Central. The program he was watching hurt my brain, but it was hilarious. It left so many inappropriate phrases in my head that I couldn't write because my fingers kept typing them.

After the show was over, we lay in bed giggling and laughing so loudly that I was afraid it would wake the kids up. It would have been worth it though, because laughter truly is the best medicine.

Oh, how I love to laugh. I might just break into that Mary Poppins song just thinking about it. But it's an awesome thing to do. Especially on bad days. That is the very best part of life, finding things that are funny and goofy and silly. It drives the bleakness away. Most often I laugh at myself, or with my kids. They say the most hilarious things.

And while my prudish side cannot believe that I didn't put headphones in or leave the room while the program was on, I laughed so hard. I just couldn't help it. It felt good to sit next to my husband and just giggle. I swear, laughter and really good sex hold my marriage together.

TMI? hahaha, well, it's truth. I can laugh about it and probably admit that out loud because, well, I'm feeling rebellious and inappropriate today. Besides, the hubster and I disagree over so many other things, there has to be *something* we have in common, right?

Which, you know, would explain the six kids... hahahahaha