Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!

This is an inside joke at our house. Unless you were best friends with my oldest daughter from 8th grade through 10th grade, this card will make no sense. But my beautiful daughter, who is currently no longer blond, she's gone reddish darkish, is now 19 years old. Today! 19 years ago we were having our very first baby. I'd gone in for a non-stress-test because, like most first babies, her due date had come and gone. And the ultrasound showed that I'd reabsorbed most of the amniotic fluid, so they decided to induce labor. I was soooo bored at the hospital those first few hours, I sent Rob to go watch a movie with his sisters while I napped at the hospital. Round about 6pm labor actually started. Around ten pm my mom showed up at the hospital, and at 11:59 pm this bright big 8 pound bundle of joy entered our lives.

She has been an adventure ever since. Words cannot express how much I love this girl. The first of many, she's been the one I've made most of the parenting mistakes with, but it has been an absolute joy watching her grow up. And now she's on to the next part of her life, and I wish her all the love, hugs, silly goofiness, and enjoyable books in the world!

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