Saturday, May 23, 2015

One of My Favorite Things

I have mentioned several times that I use World of Warcraft as one of my coping mechanisms when I need to shut off my brain. If you're not a gamer and don't care about this kind of thing, this post will have no interest for you.

I'm writing about this because Blizzard has announced that there will be no flying in the current expansion or future expansions. I hate this decision, and it makes me not want to play. In fact, my WoW subscription became due today (5/27/15), and I didn't renew. I sent them an email and said it's not worth it to me if they're not going to allow flying in the current expansion or future ones.

* Reason 1: I love to pet battle. Flying to areas where I still need to find rare pets makes it easier for me. This expansion I haven't done nearly as much pet battling out in the world because it is a pain in the butt to get from place to place without fighting through a gazillion mobs and running around frustrating terrain.

* Reason 2: I love archaeology. Mostly because I am trying like mad to get the canopic jar that will teach my alchemist the dragon mount recipe that lets you carry someone else. This requires digging up a lot of non-related artifacts. I'd rather fly around MoP sites than try to find and get the current achieves for WoD because they're time consuming and a pain to get to.  Neither do I have the real dollars to purchase mounts from the pet shop, and I want the 200 mount achieve.

* Reason 3: I have worked really hard to get achievements that reward some pretty cool dragons. I've also camped some rare bosses that also drop cool mounts. That is a lot of time invested. Granted it was time I needed to not think about the depressing thoughts running through my head, and it worked great, but it was still a lot of time.

* Reason 4: In the current expansion, all of the Chinese Dragons that I ground rep to learn back in the Mists of Pandara expansion look really stupid as ground mounts. The larger dragons look like they're dying to take off. They all look awesome in flight with their wings spread. And don't even mention the Netherwing dragons or the mounts from the old Outlands Skettis area. Those were a PAIN to get rep for, and now they just look stupid.

I'm going to post pics of some my favorite mounts here because I can. Like I said, if you're not a gamer, this will probably be ridiculous for you. But I think they're cool.

**Edit** When I originally posted this, I thought I only three or four mount screenshots. Today I found all the shots I did while in Storm Peaks camping the Time Lost Proto Drake.

I'll probably do another post about my favorite pets, because I'm a nerd and have screen shots of all of those, too.

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