Monday, May 18, 2015

Wish List

What I wish for.

Because I like lists, and why not?

1- A tattoo. Not the money for the tat, because I'd spend it on my kids. But a booked, pre-paid appointment for some time ON my birthday to get it done. Because that is a day I'm neurotic and could totally handle all the pain.

2- Hot press water color paper. A big stack of the 18x24 (or something close/bigger) kind. Or heck, even two or three of the big sheets.

3- An accessory bit kit for my dremel. I love to work with wood, and I'd really like to have some of the fun bits to go along with my favorite power tool. 

4- More paint brushes. Both oxhair and synthetic

5- More goauche paints. I love they way they interact with ink.

6- A variety of nibs for my inking set.

7 - Additional colors of India Ink for my inking set. I'd REALLY like some of the metallic golds and silvers and blues. Those are yummy.

8- The program Poser for more accurate figure drawing

9- A few more of the 18x24 drawing pads

10- Two or three more of the good sketchbooks. The kind with the GOOD paper.

11- A marker set. You can laugh, but I want the good markers. They're kind of awesome for color comps. But, in a pinch, I'd totally take a variety of Crayola. And they'd be just for me and I wouldn't share them with my kids, because MINE.

12- A better mp3 player. I know, that's kind of dumb and ungrateful, but the one I have now is a sports one. It doesn't have playlists, shuffle, or even a way to view what I'm listening to. It just plays. I'd kind of like something that I can select what I want to listen to, have a couple different playlists for different moods, and variety. I LIKE variety.

13- A hair cut and color. Please, for the love of Helvetica, let me color my gray with purple. Or at the very least, carmel highlights. I really am tired of looking at the gray, and I like feeling pretty.

14- A pedicure.  Those are lovely. No calluses, beautiful toes, and a foot massage. mmmmmm

15-  New jeans, pretty please. I have ONE pair I can wear. They are already starting to wear on the inner thighs.

16- My piano tuned.

17- Some silver and turquoise jewelry.


  1. I found out today that Reuel's closed down after the owner died. :(
    Where in the world does one go for art supplies now??

    1., Hobby Lobby, Utrecht (online or the store in Sugar House) Michaels has some. Utrecht is my favorite for paper. it's all up to personal preference though.