Thursday, March 12, 2009

Career Fairs - What do YOU do for a living?

Today I spent 4 hours at the Jr. High at a Career fair. I took my portfolio, some children's books, some printing plates and package examples I'd gotten from Huish Detergents, and set up ready to tell young minds what it is that Illustrators and Graphic Designers really do for a living.

I gave a 5-8 minute spiel every ten minutes. Some kids had lots of questions, others just stared at me in such a way that I wondered if there was a brain inside.

I found it funny that more adults asked me "Oh, do you illustrate books?" more than the kids did. But what was really amusing was them exclaiming, "Oh! YOU drew that??" When I'd point to my charcoal drawing as an example of head-studies done in figure drawing classes, and how expressions can illustrate an emotion more than words sometimes.

Granted, I didn't take the original photo, but yes, I did do that charcoal rendition right there.

Some kids were very interested, and we'd talk about value contrast in drawings, or how good design means the reader or buyer doesn't have to work to understand the product. I.E. Good book designs flow with the illustrations so readers don't think about it, they just enjoy it.

Other kids couldn't wait to be done so they could run over and see the Music D.J.'s presentation. And to think I actually want to teach Jr. High art someday. Maybe I'd rather teach High School?

I tried to use as much as I could from our local market so that kids knew there were opportunities right here. I named off ad agencies and graphic design studios, as well as working Illustrators. I used some picture books by Guy Francis as my examples of Illustration and Graphic Design working hand in hand. And I let them know some good schools with good programs, always giving props to SLCC cuz they have an awesome program.

I ended up having to rush home from the Career Fair to finish the program design for "Into The Woods" so it could be printed today. Turns out they couldn't print it earlier because I'd misspelled my own name. Go me. But, all my hard work on that 20 page program (I saw the page count when I saved it in booklet form. 20 pages, no kidding) earned me free tickets to the show. So next week we'll be heading Into The Woods as a family if I can find a sitter for the two littlest kids.

After all that, I just want a nap. But, alas, I have to go deliver Girl Scout Cookies in a few minutes. So maybe after that.

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