Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Sun! The Sun!

There really is a sun! The Lord finally let the sun shine for a few days! And I got off of my lazy butt and went walking at the park in the sunshine, and wow did it feel goooooooooooooddddd!!! I forgot to take my camera with me each time, though. Which sucks, because the trees around here look awesome. I like the value contrast of the white branches and the dark bark some of these trees have. As well as the funky curly branches. They're just soooooo interesting.

I did do some sketching last week, and was NOT pleased with any of them. So I am not going to post them.

My goals for this week:
Get out and walk every day - even if it's one lap around the track (1/2 mile) and bring my camera with me.
Do a sketch worthy of being posted - OR - paint in the trees and unicorn in the Fantasy panel of the mural.

which reminds me... I need to find some good photo-references of goats. I thought it would be kind of fun to throw our family's Chinese Astrological Signs into the mural. And since my 5 yr old and 8 yr old are constantly fighting, I wanted to have the goat trying to eat the dragon's tail. You guys can't see the sketches of the goat in that picture, but it's there as well as a dog, a cow, a pig, and a rooster. The dog will be chasing the rooster and pig. Since I'm the cow, I should give it multi-colored spots and have it painting the barn...ha ha. The rat - my son - not sure if I should stick him in the farm scene or somewhere else. The Monkey will be in the jungle panel on the other wall. If you're interested, it will be a squirrel monkey, since that's Rob's favorite kind. Those three panels will be: jungle, underwater, and desert - egyptish kind of stuff... I have the sketches for it somewhere, but I can't find them.

right now I'm lucky to find my glasses.

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