Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting Death

I met Death in a dream the other night. He didn't speak to me, but he communicated to me anyway. He wasn't looking for me, he was looking for my father. But our spirits were so similar he found me first. I don't remember his face, it was a blur, and yet I remember the piercing feel of his gaze. He did not look like a grim reaper; he was dressed in white. Tall, dark, I would assume handsome. And yet... other. He left me with what felt like a warning. He wasn't pleased.

At one point in the dream we were heading down to the funeral, and I was crying. We stopped at my husband's grandparents, and I don't recall exactly what was said, but I ended up having to explain to his grandmother that my father had just died. And her response was "It's too bad you didn't get a chance to tell him what a failure you were."

Upon waking, my husband's response was "You have some really weird dreams." My response is to wonder what I'm supposed to learn from the dream. It didn't feel dreamish. What do I need to change? I do know that some of it is in part to the depression. And maybe some of it is to get me to draw a response. So I will. My personal goal is to have a drawn response/reaction to the dream done and posted here by Saturday night. Even if no one but me reads the blog, at least my goal is recorded.

Besides, I figure baby-steps. That is how to get back into doing the full-scale art projects. Today is Tuesday. No reason to not have at least a sketch done by Saturday.


  1. --I am going to post replies that I get via facebook or email, so I can have them all in one spot:

    --I look forward to seeing the new art. I can show you my new art...the kids have titled it "Puddle of Sad" - from JoVonna Saturday, March 14.

    --I looked at the blog and loved it. I had a comment about your nightmare or dream of death and it goes like this... Is it possible that you are really ok but your muse would like you to stretch a little and is giving you a little prod? - from JoVonna Thursday, March 12.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I think your blog is a good thing for you right now!

    Looks great! I have weird dreams as well. But I've learned not to read too much into them. They usually are right but in a way so different that I would have thought possible.

    Take care,
    -- 3/11