Wednesday, March 11, 2009

keeping busy

With some Photoshop help from my dear friend Bradon, I was able to make this cover for the Northridge High School's production of "Into the Woods." I drew everything out, and then when I went to trace it with my Wacom tablet, I was seriously irked to find that my tablet pen no longer worked. So the lines don't have the lovely thicks/thins I wanted because I drew it in with a mouse instead. My first attempt at leather and gold embossing was very scary. I cannot even convey how grateful I am for friends willing to share their skills! - And for Peggy and her internet search engine that found more resources than mine!!

The full program is at least 16 pages, black and white interior, full-color cover. It was good to have some work to do that stimulated my brain, but wow did I feel overwhelmed. I was hoping the school would ask me to paint backdrops. But no... they needed help with the program design. It was fun, I just hope they are pleased with it. And I can't even say how glad I am that I haven't forgotten how to use InDesign! Hooray for style guides!!!!!

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